The 21 Scrubs team have created a range of stylish and fashion savvy scrubs that are practical, flattering, comfortable and durable, and cater for workers in a range of industries including dental scrubs.

“As a dentist, scrubs are essentials as we are dealing with body fluids and materials that are quite hard to remove if you accidentally drop them on your scrubs,” said Dr Johanna Ramon from Burwood Diamond Dental.  

“In the past I have found that the dental scrubs I have purchased aren’t durable and easily stained. I see multiple patients a day and wash them after one wear. They need to be water, stain and crease-proof, good quality yet still smart and comfortable.”

Enter 21 Scrubs, the brainchild of twin sisters and veterinarians Drs Audrey and Alison Shen and fashion expert and entrepreneur Rebecca Lau Marsh

After working in the veterinary industry for over 15 years and wearing old-fashioned scrubs, the sisters became frustrated with the lack of choice, and in particular, the material and style of scrubs available.

Initially the sisters started researching materials in the hope of just making their own scrubs for work. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, they quickly realised there was a market for fashion savvy scrubs and a desperate need for them among all essential workers. 

“We are incredibly proud of the scrubs range we have created,” Dr Alison said. 

“Each style has their own defining cuts and features, and all scrubs are made from stretchy, crease-proof, durable, comfortable and eco-friendly lightweight fabric, that most importantly is hair, water and stain repellent; fast-drying and squat-proof.”

As for Dr Ramon, she has been wearing 21 Scrubs now for four months and says the experience has transformed how she thinks about her everyday work attire.

“I used to think dental scrubs were boring but necessary for my profession but now I can truly say they feel very comfortable, they look professional, and they’re flattering—but still give me the protection I need.”

21 Scrubs