Two Aussie veterinarians and a fashion designer have joined forces to create 21 Scrubs—a range of stylish and fashion savvy scrubs that are practical, flattering, comfortable and durable as well as water, hair and stain-proof—and they come with a signature stethoscope holder. 

21 Scrubs is the brainchild of twin sisters and veterinarians Drs Audrey and Alison Shen and fashion expert and entrepreneur Rebecca Lau Marsh. Drs Audrey and Alison own and operate Aussie Mobile Vet and both feature on the international TV series Bondi Vet.

After working in the veterinary industry for over 15 years and wearing old-fashioned scrubs, the sisters became frustrated with the lack of choice, and in particular, the material and style of scrubs available.

“Not only were our old scrubs unflattering and ill-fitting, but the fabric was terrible, it attracted hair and lint, and absorbed liquids, stains and smells,” Dr Audrey said.

Initially the sisters started researching materials in the hope of just making their own scrubs for work. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, they quickly realised there was a market for fashion savvy scrubs and a desperate need for them among essential workers. 

“COVID-19 really highlighted how important an essential worker’s job and role is. We have to keep working despite the challenges and risks involved,” Dr Alison said.

Knowing they needed their scrubs to be flattering and functional, they called upon friend and fashion expert Lau Marsh, to help design the range.  

21 Scrubs offer a stylish and modern range of scrubs for men and women, that come in a variety of styles and colours.

We are incredibly proud of the scrubs range we have created,” Dr Alison said. 

“Each style has their own defining cuts and features, and all scrubs are made from stretchy, crease-proof, durable, comfortable and eco-friendly lightweight fabric, that most importantly is hair-free, water and stain repellent, fast-drying and squat-proof.”  


21 Scrubs