Dr. Audrey and Dr. Alison are already famous for their role on the popular TV show, Bondi Vets. These twins have been working in the vet industry for over 15 years, and are no strangers to the ups and downs of their work.

One of the things that frustrated was the scrubs. What should have been a professional uniform that was comfortable, clean, smart, durable and practical for every day was quickly becoming a hairy, soiled, uncomfortable mess.

They decided to team up with fashion designer Rebecca Lau Marsh to make a change. They shared with Rebecca the many problems that traditional scrubs seem to have. Traditional scrubs seemed to attract fur rather than repel it. They also looked like pajamas, and seemed to absorb the stains and liquids that occur in a common veterinary setting.

With Rebecca’s help, they set out to fix these things. Their new style of scrubs features pockets big enough to carry essential items, repelled dirt and stains, are waterproof, quick drying, stretch, and are also stylish enough to fit a modern setting. Need to squat down to examine a patient? The pants are squat proof with four-way stretch! No more splits at inopportune moments while trying to work with the animals you love. Best of all, the scrubs are durable to wash every day and are quick drying and crease proof!  No more rushing to wash and dry your scrubs!

The line also features their signature and original jumpsuit scrubs.  Stylish enough to take you from day to night and convenient enough to zip on and off between shifts.  All the 21Scrubs range have their unique stethoscope holders that help secure them in place around the shoulders. 

The new line of scrubs is called 21Scrubs, and can be viewed on Instagram  at @21scrubs. 

Changing how we think about the vet industry

Our world has fundamentally changed. We have new equipment to help monitor pets and give them a better quality of life. We have a recent influx of new patients as Covid-19 brings a surge of pandemic pets to an already stressed system.

It makes little to no sense that the simplest part of your day—what you choose to wear—is unrefined by comfort or technology.

Dr. Audrey and Dr. Alison also work as a mobile vet service, which often means restricted spaces and the need to maximize the potential in every aspect of their business. These scrubs are designed to make that life easier, so you’re thinking less about what you’re wearing and more about what you’re doing.

About the twins

Dr. Audrey and Dr. Alison have a shared love of animals, but their passions are as unique as they are. Dr. Audrey enjoys surgery and loves working with dogs, especially chihuahuas, and she owns a geriatric chihuahua, Peanut, a rabbit, Charlotte, and a rescue cat, Maggot.   Dr. Alison is also a certified veterinary acupuncturist who owns two guinea pigs, Pineapple and Coconut, and a rescue greyhound named Billy. 

Their pets are very mischievous and often find themselves in trouble, which makes them very luck to have vets as their moms.


The Shen sisters have done amazing work in their career. Time after time, they’ve seen a pressing need in the veterinary field and delivered on it. When they saw a need for a mobile vet to provide a complete and high standard of veterinary care in Australia, they founded a mobile vet service to help with that need.  They also run a Future Vet Kids camp which is a unique kids camp to inspire, educate, and nurture the love of animals in children aged 9-16 years of age. 

Their new scrubs line is just one more example of their dedication to the field, and their effort to help solve problems of both the veterinary community, and the people who use their services.

21 Scrubs