Scrubs have been a staple attire for the medical and beauty industry forever. Scrubs carry many practical advantages in and out of the surgical room and have become an accepted uniform across many industries.


Whilst uniforms can make it easier to get ready in the morning and cut down the decision time on ‘what to wear’, wearing the trusty old practical scrub has become boring, unflattering and washed out.


With so many ‘designer’ scrubs hitting the market now, it can be hard to decide on what scrub to buy and which one will best suit your work and body type. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through all the options out there. This guide will assist you in choosing the best fabrics, styles and colours that will work best for your everyday work.


Factors to consider:


What does your job entail?


Consider if your job is highly physical, if you spend a lot of your day bending or kneeling, on the floor or lifting patients (eg veterinarians, physios, nurses), having a comfortable scrub with stretch is key.


Scrub pants with a higher cut are preferable to avoid pants riding down and consider a one-piece jumpsuit that will allow for full movement and coverage. Our 2-piece sets are made in our 21 Core fabric with 4 way stretch and all our pants are between a mid-rise to high rise cut to allow for full movement without them slipping down.


Comfort and stretch doesn’t mean that you can only opt for a baggy fit style. Whether you wear our 2-piece tucked in or out, the material and style of all our pieces are designed to be slimming and lengthening. Our neckline design and stethoscope silver button detail adds a distinctive touch making it look more professional and tailored.


For a more corporate or professional look, scrubs with a more structured collar style (similar to a collared shirt) may look better. Our 21 Scrubs High Collar tops or Zip Top scrubs give the scrubs more of an edge and can be worn in several styles by unbuttoning the higher buttons. These styles have all the great quality of scrubs but appear a bit more of tailored with a more professional/office-like feel.



Comfort and Durability


Comfort is a must, especially if you are in a profession with long work hours and unpredictable finish times. All day in one piece of clothing means that your work clothing must also be durable and keep it’s fresh look from morning to evening. 21 Scrubs Core Fabric is fur repellent, water repellent, stain repellent and crease-proof. This means you can leave work looking as fresh and neat as when you walked in.


Even better, can we find a scrub design that we don’t have to rush home and change out of before dinner or school pick up? Could there be a scrub design, stylish enough to wear out of work and durable to stay clean all day? Our 21Scrub bestselling jumpsuit was designed to do just that! We designed the first ever scrub jumpsuit with this in mind. In a durable stay-clean fabric and in a design so stylish you could wear it out to dinner!


All of our 21 Scrubs design even incorporates a breathable mesh along the sides of our tops and jumpsuit to allow airflow and keep you cool even on the hectic hot days at work. Our core fabric also dries in less than 30 minutes, great if you don’t have time to wait for your scrubs to dry on the washing line or in the dryer!


Price and Quality


Most designer scrubs come at a premium price point. With more detailing and tailoring, the price point increases. Standard fabrics will be cheaper than those with features such as fur repellent, water or stain repellent. Some may claim to have antibacterial properties and others may be ‘super soft’. Basically, you pay for the material and style you get. The more features, pockets and tailoring design, the higher the price point.


Scrubs to suit your Body Type.


What body shapes suit our 21 Scrubs Jumpsuits? Our jumpsuits are designed to tailor in the waist to give a beautiful waistline to all body types. The elongated collar also draws attention to the neckline and lengthens the look of the torso. We recommend the jumpsuits for the Hourglass figures and the Slim Straight figures, to help showcase a slim waistline and accentuate or create shape above and below the waist.

Our jumpsuits also come in a ‘Tall’ range for those with longer legs.


For Apple Shape figures, we love the Smart Scrub pants, paired with our Smart Scrub top. The pant is straight legged with a slight flare at the bottom, creating more shape and length from the waist down. Your top can be tucked into the pants to create the look of a narrower waist and longer legs. If you prefer to hide your tummy or waist, the top tucked out slims the mid-section and the tapered top brings shape to the upper torso.


Jogger pants are a favourite for all body shapes. The tapered ankle means no dragging on the floor and is great for those in more active jobs. We love the jogger pant look on our Straighter figures. They bring shape to the hip and thighs and the tapered legs emphasize and bring shape from your hip to ankle. This all helps to add the appearance of curves and shapeliness.


Love the look of the Jumpsuit, but not keen on a one-piece? Pair our Scrub Zip Top with our Smart Scrub pants! Similar look but in 2 pieces!



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