Picture this: You're midway through your shift, and you notice a flurry of hairs clinging to your clothes. For professionals who work closely with animals or in hair-centric professions like grooming, veterinary care, or even hairdressing, stray hairs are not just a nuisance; they're a daily battle. Enter the game-changer: hair-free scrubs.


21Core - The Pinnacle of Fabric Innovation: In the pursuit of excellence, 21Scrubs presents the 21Core fabric - a premium range that stands at the zenith of textile technology. Meticulously engineered for the dynamic demands of healthcare and other hair-intensive professions, our 21Core fabric sets a new standard. Recognising that impeccable hygiene and presentation are non-negotiable, we've infused hair repellency into the very weave of the fabric. Hair, often an unwelcome accessory in the medical field or salon, simply does not cling to our garments. Whether it's a flurry of pet fur or a scatter of hair clippings, a brisk shake is all it takes to cast off the debris, keeping you looking as crisp as the moment you stepped into your 21Core scrubs.

Why Hair Free Scrubs? Hair-free scrubs are not just a convenience; they are a necessity. Whether you're a vet performing surgeries, a dog groomer facing a furry client, or a barber snipping away, maintaining a hair-free appearance is crucial. It's about hygiene, professionalism, and comfort. Hair-free scrubs ensure that you can focus on the task at hand without the constant worry of hair contamination or unsightly mess.

The Science Behind Hair Repellent Fabrics: The technology that makes scrubs hair repellent is nothing short of revolutionary. These specialised fabrics are designed with smooth, tightly woven fibres that prevent hair from adhering to the surface. Not only does this keep you looking clean, but it also minimises the risk of transferring pet dander or hair to clients or patients, which is essential for those with allergies or sensitive environments.

The Best Scrubs for Pet Professionals: Veterinarians, pet groomers, and dog walkers know the struggle of leaving work covered in pet hair. With hair-free scrubs, the end-of-day de-fuzzing ritual becomes a thing of the past. These scrubs allow you to transition from work to your personal life without carrying the remnants of your workday with you.

Pooch Avenue's vet groomers are all geared up in our scrubs, ready to pamper your pets.


For Physiotherapists and Chiropractors: In professions where close physical contact is a given, maintaining a clean and professional appearance is paramount. Hair-free scrubs give physiotherapists and chiropractors peace of mind, knowing that their attire won't distract from their healing touch.

Hairdressers and Barbers: Cutting and styling hair is an art, but it comes with the inevitable fall of hair trimmings. Hair-free scrubs make it easy to brush off the remnants of each client, keeping you looking sharp and pristine for the next appointment. It's about embracing the ease that comes with high-tech fabric — allowing you to move seamlessly from appointment to appointment, without becoming a walking tapestry of the day’s work. With hair-free scrubs, you can ensure that you remain spotless from the first cut of the day to the final cleanup.


For professionals where cleanliness and presentation are key, hair-free scrubs offer a practical and stylish solution. They are a testament to how specialised workwear can transform your workday, providing both functionality and a boost to your professional image. Don't let stray hairs cramp your style; choose hair-free scrubs and keep the focus on your expertise – not on lint rolling your clothes.

Ready to elevate your professional wardrobe with the ultimate hair-free scrubs? Browse our collection and experience the intersection of function and style. Say goodbye to stray hairs and hello to a polished, professional look every day.


Really Hair Proof! So flattering.
The fabric is amazing, it's really hair free. Nothing sticks to it and I haven't used a sticky roller since! The jumpsuit is so flattering! I've had non stop compliments since I started wearing it to work. Going to buy every colour!
21 Scrubs