If you're a dentist in Australia, a dental student or a dental hygienist looking for a set of dental scrubs to wear, there are a few things that make 21 Dental Scrubs stand out from the rest. Read on to see why 21 Scrubs are the preferred scrubs for leading Australian dentists.


Our Scrubs are Liquid Repellent 
When working with liquids and bodily fluids, the last thing you want is to carry the smells and stains with you. Our waterproof scrubs ensure water and liquids aren't absorbed into your dental scrubs and any liquids can be wiped away easily. 
Our Scrubs are Quick Dry 
As a dentist working with water and liquid agents, any spills can be washed away quickly without interrupting your work day. Our quick dry dental scrubs mean that your scrubs don't need to be on rotation and can be washed and worn daily if required. 
Our Scrubs are Comfortable, Smart & Professional Looking
Look good and feel good in our lightweight scrubs that compliment and flatter with a 4-way stretch. You won't feel restricted in our scrubs that are so comfortable to wear and provide squat proof stretch and movement.  
21 Scrubs