When you own a beauty salon, you need to dress the part. We all know the first impression counts. Make sure your clients don’t walk in and immediately feel uncomfortable by checking out your outfit.

You need an aesthetic salon uniform that reflects your professional image, as well as your brand and best services. It doesn’t take much to get the right look for your beauty salon.


Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect uniform for your beauty salon:

Stick to your brand colours

The first thing to consider when choosing your beauty therapist uniforms is the brand colours. You may have a signature colour palette for your salon brand that you love. It could be a colour palette that ties into your salon brand personality. You could even be inspired by the local surroundings or your interior decoration.

Whatever the case, be sure to stick to it throughout your uniform. You don’t have to be too strict about it either. Depending on your brand, a little bit of inspiration from the outside world might be a good thing. If you’re a beauty salon that’s all about the beach, don’t be afraid to include some tropical prints in your summer uniform.

Match your logo to your uniform

If you have a logo that you’re using for your salon business, then you definitely want to match it to your uniform. It’s a great way to add style and flair to your uniform. If your logo is vibrant, bright and colourful, then be sure to include those colours in your uniform. If your logo is sharp and crisp, then be sure to incorporate that crispness into your uniform. There are some logos that are not easily picked out by text. Be sure to have a logo that you love printed on your uniforms. You don’t want to be stuck with a logo that you don’t love.

Be consistent with textures and prints

If you have a signature styling method, then be consistent with it in your uniform. You don’t want to be switching back and forth between two styles. Stick with one signature method and incorporate it into your uniform. For example, if you sometimes use a beachy feel, then be consistent with that feel while wearing your uniform. There are also the texture and print aspects to consider. If you have a wooden furniture layout in your salon, then be consistent with that. If you have a modern design aesthetic, then be consistent with that. If you have a paper-based layout, then be consistent with that. There’s no need to switch textures and prints every month or so.

To make life easier for your staff, go for an easy-care or no-iron fabric, too.

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour

Yes, we are serious. Beauty salons are often seen as a conservative places to get your hair cut or your nails done. You don’t have to stick to the same colour palette throughout your salon. If you have a yellow theme going on, don’t be afraid to add some pops of colour to your uniform. Yellow is a very warm colour. It’s very inviting and welcoming. It makes people feel happy and want to receive the services they were looking for. So if you have a yellow theme going on in your salon, then don’t feel like you have to stick to only yellow items while wearing your uniform.

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Add comfort for the staff and the customers

We’ve mentioned how important it is to add style and flair to your uniform. But what about the comfort aspect? We’ve all been to a salon where the uniforms are stiff and uncomfortable.

The uniform should facilitate stretchy and massaging body moves with ease and comfort for the beauty professionals.

It doesn’t matter if you work in a posh salon or a salon in the heart of a city. There are times when people need to wear uniforms that are comfortable and flexible. Make sure to have a wide range of stylish uniforms from which the staff can pick. You don’t want to be stuck with only a few uniforms that are comfortable enough for the staff. You want the staff to feel comfortable in their work environment.

Final Words

We’ve covered a lot here. You’ve learned how to choose the perfect uniform for your beauty salon and what to keep in mind while doing so. Make sure to take your time before you choose your beauty salon uniform and keep the tips we’ve provided in mind.

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