Twin vets Drs Audrey and Alison Shen are expanding on their successful 21 Scrubs fashion line, with new styles and new materials that will focus on comfort, adding to their existing line of durable and fashion savvy scrubs.

The successful businesswomen, who are well known for their appearances on Bondi Vet, as well as being the founders of Aussie Mobile Vet, they also run and own Future Vet Kids Camp and they launched the 21 Scrubs fashion line in 2021, alongside their fashion designer friend, Rebecca Lau.

What began as an idea to lift the professionalism of the scrubs being worn by the Aussie Mobile Vet team has snowballed into a full-blown business with orders coming from as far as the US and across all walks of the medical and beauty industries.

21 Scrubs offers a modern and completely functional range of scrubs for men and women, that come in a variety of styles and colours – there is even a stylish women’s jumpsuit that can go from day to night.

Dr Audrey explains that traditional scrubs just didn’t meet the professionalism of being a vet from both fashion and practical standpoints.

Drs Alison and Audrey Shen with Rebecca Lau

“We go through seven years of vet school and are seeing animals all day, and then we need to go
and pick up our kids from school dressed like we’re in our pyjamas. We just felt so unprofessional in such a professional industry,” she explains.

With the 21 Scrubs line, each style has its own defining cuts and features, and all are made from a stretchy, crease proof, durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly lightweight fabric that is hair, water and stain repellent, fast drying and squat proof.

With the technical aspects now nailed, the trio has turned their attention to comfort and is exploring new styles and materials, with one that Dr Audrey describes as feeling like “you’re wearing your 1000 thread count cotton sheets”.

“I’m proud of what we’ve done the last couple of years, just trying different things but keeping in line with what we love. We’re proving that even when you become a vet, you can shake things up and move to different areas.

“We’ve got enough brains and we’ve got enough knowledge to be able to try different things, like a fashion business or a kid’s camp business. Hopefully we inspire other women and other vets to expand their career options and try new things.”
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